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The Chemistry of Love

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Love is all about Chemistry !

Cosmic Heart We are going to try to understand a little better what is involved in this process of attraction. Actually, nonverbal communication plays a big part in initial attraction and some of this communication may involve pheromones, a form of chemical communication.

Pheromones, how do we do this? Imagine an invisible overwhelming force which overpowers reason and invites passion. A force which dictates where Cupid's arrow will land. Cupid's chemistry, that's the power of pheromones. Pheromones are 'smellprints', supposedly as unique as our fingerprints. Smell is the most primitive of human senses, and pheromones, present in underarm perspiration, are detected by a small organ composed of a few small pits a few centimetres up the nose. The emotional reaction they provoke can, quite literally, be a 'turn on'!

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After we had seeked and sniffed out Mr Right comes lust. Did you know that raw lust is characterized by high levels of testosterone? Lust is driven by our sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen. These hormones are what get us out on the pull. Remember that humans are one of the very few species who engage in sex for pleasure instead of just for procreation.

Men and women are attracted to certain individuals on a physical level, even when they have no desire to create a child. In fact, you can be sexually attracted to people you don't even particularly like, you don't have to have deep feelings for someone to receive physical pleasure from them.

After lust comes attraction. This is the love-struck phase, the time when we lose our appetite, can't sleep, and can't concentrate. This is what we know as falling in love. The sweaty palms and pounding heart are caused by higher than normal levels of norepinepherine. Meanwhile, the 'high' of being in love is due to a rush of phenylethylamine and dopamine.

These love chemicals are controlled by a substance which is also found in chocolate and in strawberries, called PEA or phenylethylamine and it is PEA which controls the transition from lust to love. Similar in structure to amphetamine, PEA too gives us that excitement we crave. Indeed, some people become veritable love junkies. They need a constant love high and go through life in a series of short relationships which crumble when the initial chemical rush wanes.

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But of course this not the main topic of the AstralFeeling Love Match System and guess what, we are not going to make any experiments on you to find out who you are compatible with! It is just to let you know guys about these physical & chemical aspects. Maybe it would be interesting to know who between a Tiger & a Dragon man has the highest pheromones level, it could tell us which one of these two most powerful signs of the Chinese Zodiac is the real king of sex-appeal but things are not that simple and life will never been sum up by such a materialistic vision.

Here at AstralFeeling we believe that the chemistry of love is for sure something physical but also linked with an energetical dimension which determines everything in the universe. One of its shape is call :: Astrology :: Astrology is the study of celestial bodies as they relate to destiny, personality, human affairs, and natural events. But Astrology is also about compatibility between human beings as we all carry with us during our whole life an astral background which made us behave, react or think in a certain way.

You can be confident that the AstralFeeling Double Zodiac Love Match System can help you to find your soulmate thanks to one of the most powerful matchmaking technologies because we know how to use this knowledge to find out who are the best matches in the romantic & sexual fields for you.

Then good luck and remember that

My Best Wishes
Stefen Fu - AstralFeeling Founder

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