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Why should I use AstralFeeling?

Just try the AstralFeeling matchmaking system and you will know how powerful it is!

Because it touches a part of yourself which is undescribable, this compatibility system goes much further than a mere personality profile. Actually, it is about an energetic dimension which determines everything in the universe and that the ancient Chinese named as Qi (Chi), the flow of Heaven and Earth which fuses into the human body.

Depending on the moment of your birth, this flow or Qi, connected with the configuration of the planets and the stars, will influence your destiny or your life by structuring the components of your personality and by defining the type of energy that circulates in both your spirit and body.

The keys of this system are the Taoism Philosophy and the Chinese & Western Astrologies which use a scientific way of thinking, even if there is for sure a poetic expression of the concepts and a metaphysical approach to life.

What's the difference between this compatibility system and others?

Besides being simple, effective and reliable, the AstralFeeling matchmaking system provides you with powerful compatibility tools which allow you to make a relationship-based search and to use lunar/solar attraction processes so as to start communicating with compatible persons. Make up your mind by yourself!

Is free?

As a Standard member many features are free :
  • Personal profile
  • Standard searches
  • Photo uploading service
  • Favorites' list management
  • S.D.E & L.S.A compatibility tool
  • Magnetize button
  • Composing messages
  • Members' basic astral reports
  • Members' detailed profiles
  • Ideal partner preferences

What are the benefits of paying a subscription?

All the following features are provided in the Phœnix membership :
  • Unrestricted mailing : Send and read mails to & from all members without any limitation.
  • Priority display profile : Your profile appears in the first search results.
  • Instant messaging : Access the chat room and make contacts with online members.
  • Three photo album : Add three photos to your profile to present yourself in different ways.
  • Advanced search : Use the eighteen physical/social/geographic/ethnic/religious criteria to find the partner that really suits you.
  • Customized selection : Choose your ideal partner’s Chinese/Solar/Lunar signs.
  • Complete astral report : Complete double zodiac report for your own profile and any member's profile you may want to consult.
  • Premium customer service : You've got a question about how to use the site or a problem with another member, with the Phœnix membership our customer service will make response to your question a priority.

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How does the compatibility search program works?

We use in the AstralFeeling Relationship & Sign Compatibility System two astrological tools:
  1. The relationship system SIX DEGREE ENERGY ® (S.D.E) based on the yin/yang interaction of the Chinese Zodiac Triangles of Affinity. This system uses six types of relationships which enables you to apprehend in a concrete way the links between the Chinese signs. Your Chinese & Solar signs are taken into account in the process of compatibility search.

  2. The LUNAR/SOLAR ATTRACTION ® (L.S.A) western zodiac sign matching tool, uses in the process of compatibility search, the Solar & Lunar signs of your birth chart. This function is useful to increase the astral compatibility level of the selected profiles.
Everytimes you make a search the system performs a complex real-time calculation using up to 40.000 astrological combinations to match your profile comparing your birth chart’s Chinese/Solar/Lunar signs and other registration information against the entire members database. Other registration info are the member’s physical, social, geographic, ethnic, religious criteria.

Where can I find explanations about the astrological system?

This site contains a very detailed library where all the aspects of the double zodiac system are explained, we strongly advise you to check this library to be able to understand more clearly all these different aspects even if you can use the two astrological tools without any knowledge of the system. This way, you will be able to get the maximum of this site to carry out your ideal love partner search. Visitors as members have a full access to the library.

Why cannot I use the “L.S.A” independently of the “S.D.E”?

Because of the key to our compatibility system which is the “Six Degree Energy” system. The “Lunar/Solar” Attraction mode is useful to increase the level of compatibility of the selected profiles using in the search process the solar & lunar signs of your birth chart and the matched partners birth charts.

What about standard criteria if I change - from the Results page - the type of relationship in the S.D.E menu or if I activate the L.S.A?

The standard criteria (gender, country, age interval, ethnicity...) you have set from the Member page or the Advanced Search page - if you are a Phœnix member - will be saved until you make a new search from these pages. It's useful to discover which "S.D.E" relationship suits you and to activate the "L.S.A" according to the results you will get at the time of your search.

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Is it free to register?

Yes it is, you can also check your double zodiac birth chart before registering by using the Talisman Calculator.

Is my personal information given to anyone?

No, we don’t sell or trade your personal information to any third parties, only your registration information is displayed in your profile. Your email and your password are kept private and secured.

My lunar sign is not correct, why?

As we don’t use the country & hour of birth to calculate the birth chart it could in some cases happen that the lunar sign is not accurate because the revolution of the moon is about 27 days, which is very short, each lunar sign lasts for two or three days. So if you are born at the end or at the beginning of one sign, the lunar sign may be the one before or the one after.

In this case, you can simply change the date of your birth by one day before or after your real one to solve this problem. We choose not to use the hour of birth in the calculation of the birth chart because a lot of people don’t know it precisely.

Anyway, the key of our compatibility system is the “Six Degree Energy” relationship system based on the Chinese sign which depends on the year of birth, there can’t be any mistake about this sign, as well as the solar sign which depends on the month of birth. So make sure the lunar sign we inform you is correct before using the “Lunar/Solar Attraction” mode.

How to login?

Enter your Member Number and your Password in the Login Area on the top right of the Home page.
Do not confuse your Member Number with your Username.

Why can't I login?

First ensure you have the correct Member Number and Password by clicking on the "Forgot my password?" link next to the login box. If you have the correct details, then try another time.

If you still can't login, check your internet settings to make sure that your browser allows cookies.

To view your internet settings, go to the Tools menu at the top of your browser, then click Options, then Privacy, to make sure that the privacy setting allows your browser to accept cookies. You may also check your Security level.

You better check your browser version to ensure that you are using a recent version. To check your browser version, click on Help then About. If you have an old browser version then you will need to download a newer version.

If the above suggestions do not fix the problem then test your Member Number and Password on a different PC in order to isolate the problem as being PC specific or browser specific. If all of the suggestions do not fix the problem, please email us by using the Contact Us form and tell us if you are on a PC or Mac and what version browser you are using.

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Should I add a photo to my profile?

The answer is definitely yes, because you will increase by ten your chances to be contacted by members. You can also add a three photo album if you are a Phœnix member. Use a portrait photo for your basic profile and some more contextual photos for your album.

What kind of photos am I allowed to use?

You cannot use cartoons, pictures of celebrities, childhood photos or sexually offensive images. Nevertheless you can use for your three photos album, pictures showing yourself wearing swimming suits but not displaying obscene postures. Otherwise our staff will destroy these pictures and your profile may not be displayed anymore.

How long does it take to validate the photos & the profiles?

You should have to wait from 1 to 3 business days for your photo & your profile to be hand checked by our staff, before they will appear on the website. You will receive an email of confirmation if your photo/profile has been validated as well as if doesn’t fit our policy.

My profile is not available after this approval time, why?

Maybe you are under 18 years of age, your profile is incomplete, it contains inappropriate information such as your contact info, promotion of products or services, inappropriate language, pornographic or sexually explicit material, culturally discriminate content, etc.

I'm a Phoenix member but my profile doesn't appear first, why?

The only reason can be that your profile doesn't have a photo, so it appears after the Standard member profiles which currently have a photo. The profiles are also classified by member number order.

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Is it free to contact a member?

As a free Standard member, you can send messages to any members but if the message is sent to another Standard member, one of the two members should become a paying member to be able to read the message and that way, to initiate a correspondence. If the message is sent by a Phœnix member to a Standard member, the latter will be able to read the message. Phœnix members of course, can read messages from all members.

Will my email address be given to the member I’m contacting?

No, your email address always stays confidential.

How many members can I contact?

As many as you like!

How long are the messages saved in my mailbox?

They will be available for 90 days in your mailbox.

Why won't the chatroom launch?

There are many possible reasons for this. For example, you need to have Javascript enabled and to have your pop-up blocker disabled in order for our chat room to launch. You must enable Javascript in order to use all the features of this site.

Is there any moderation on the chat?

Yes, we do have moderators checking what’s going on in the chat room.

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What can I do if I forget my password or my member number?

Just click on “forgot your password” then enter your email address in the window and check your emails to get back your password.

How to change my password?

By using the “Account settings” link on the Members page.

What can I do when I get no result for a search?

Try to enlarge your criteria regarding the country or age interval. If you're using the Advanced Search as a Phœnix member, use a strategy of progressive search by starting with a restricted number of criteria then increase this number according to the results you will get at the time of the search. You may also try different types of relationships in the “Six Degree Energy” system or not activate the “Lunar/Solar Attraction” which is a very selective tool.

How to improve response rate?

The most important thing that you can do to improve your response rate is to add at least one good quality photo to your profile. If you do this you will experience a very significant increase in the amount of interest shown by other members. Also provide as much information as possible in your profile and remember that if you talk about real things, you will find real people, and therefore produce real results.

Which languages are allowed on the Website?

You can use English, Spanish, Italian, French & Chinese. These are the languages that our moderators are able to understand. If you use other languages on your profile, it will not be validated by our staff.

What about if I have a question that has not been answered here?

Use the Contact us page.

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