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Dating Safety

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  • Set up an email account just for your dating online usage
  • Never include your personal contact info in your profile
  • Never send money to anyone who you meet online


  1. Keep anonymity until you feel safe.
  2. Be wary of people who post a too perfect profile. Your interlocutor is perhaps not what he/she claims to be.
  3. If a person insists on having too much personal information or seeks to tap you information in an indirect way, do not answer him and move on.
  4. Be indifferent and do not fall in love with the first mouse click. One should not get involved too quickly in an intimate relationship, even if it is only virtual.
  5. Take time to evaluate the personality of your interlocutors.
  6. Always require a photo from your contacts.
  7. Talk with each other on the phone during a certain length of time for a better appreciation of your interlocutor’s personality.
  8. Do not give your address to the first guy.
  9. Communicate rather a mobile phone number or use the system of masking the number so that it does not appear at the time of the call. Give your telephone number only when you feel secure.
  10. Accept a date only if you feel ready. Trust your intuition as well as your logic, balance reason and passion.
  11. Be attentive with the sudden changes of mood of your interlocutor (anger, frustration, attempts of intimidation or handling).
  12. Trust can only be gained little by little, by the thread of exchanges through frankness and honesty.


  1. Always meet in public places.
  2. Tell a close friend or relative about the location of your meeting and your approximate hour of return.
  3. Also give him the name and the telephone of the person whom you will see.
  4. Organize yourself to go to the place by your own means, do not allow your date to pick you up from home and try to meet in a public place at a busy time.
  5. Avoid being brought back home by this person during the first times.
  6. If possible, choose a cafe or a restaurant, which you often hang out, and return by your own means.
  7. If you should decide to go elsewhere, take your car. It will enable you to leave at the time you judge suitable.
  8. If you have a date with a single who lives in another city, organize yourself to have a car and a room in a hotel. Do not communicate the name of the hotel to the person whom you will meet and do not let him book the room for you.
  9. Always let a friend or a close relative know about your plans and know where to reach you.
  10. As much as it’s possible, always have your mobile phone with you.
  11. If the person that you meet seems frightening, find an excuse and leave the place. Get away to call a friend, ask for help from somebody who is close to you or disappear from the back door and get back to your car.
  12. If you feel that you are in danger, call the police, it’s better to prevent than to cure.


If your contact behaves in the following ways without giving you any explication, please be careful:
  • He/she supplies incoherent information about his/her age, activities, appearance, status, occupation, employer...
  • He/she refuses to speak with you on the phone despite the degree of complicity you have obtained through your emails.
  • He/she answers by going around the bush to questions bluntly asked.
  • He/she has a totally different personality or appearance than the profile described on the site.
  • He/she refuses to introduce you to his/her friends, colleagues or family.

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