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Dragon Main Aspects of AstralFeelingPhoenix

The Chemistry of Love

Why for certain persons the magic of love is there as for others it's not happening?...Because love is a subtle chemistry! AstralFeeling gives you the opportunity to make love come true! If you are tired of being lonely and you are ready to meet the woman/man of your life, you have come to the right place.
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The Soulmate Quest

Who's not searching for the soulmate? But if your soulmate was standing in front of you, would you recognize him or her? The AstralFeeling love compatibility system goes much further than a mere personality profile, it touches a part of ourself which is indescribable and is about an energetic dimension which determines everything in the universe.
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When Astrology meets Dating...

The AstralFeeling online dating service can help you to find your soulmate thanks to one of the most powerful astrology matchmaking technologies. We are confident at AstralFeeling that everyone can find the perfect match because the Double Astrology is able to decipher phenomena of attractions/repulsions which operate in real life.
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...for finding Relationship Compatibility...

The AstralFeeling Zodiac Love Match System uses two compatibility tools:
the relationship system “SIX DEGREE ENERGY” ® (S.D.E) based on the yin/yang interaction of the Chinese Zodiac Triangles of Affinity & the “LUNAR/SOLAR ATTRACTION” ® (L.S.A) Western Zodiac Sun & Moon sign matching tool.
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...thru Zodiac Signs

The Double Zodiac Library presents you the powerful AstralFeeling Relationship & Sign Compatibility System. Based on a double zodiac birth chart and the yin-yang principles, it is also linked with Greek mythology & its symbolism as well as with Chinese divination & Taoist philosophy.
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Chinese & Western Astrology Birth Charts / Reports

The AstralFeeling Talisman Calculator enables you to check your Double Zodiac Profile composed of your Chinese, Sun & Moon, Mars & Venus signs. Astrology, a poetic and symbolic system, remains one of the vastest tools created by mankind to understand the influence of the stars and the planets on human destiny.
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Meet Your Soulmate thru the Double Astrology
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