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AF Double Zodiac Love Matching Tools

The SIX DEGREE ENERGY Relationship System:
  • Yin-Yang Couple ®
  • Harmonious Relationship ®
  • Stimulating/Exciting Relationship ®
  • Calming/Peaceful Relationship ®
  • Magnetic Relationship ®
  • Master-Slave Couple ®
These relationships are defined by the interaction of the Chinese Zodiac Triangles of Affinity.

The Chinese & the Solar signs of your birth chart are taken into account in the process of compatibility search. This system enables you to choose types of relationships so as to start communicating with compatible persons.

To learn more about each kind of relationship please check the Double Zodiac Library.

The LUNAR/SOLAR ATTRACTION Western Zodiac Sign Matching Tool:

This option enables you to activate the solar & lunar signs of your birth chart and of the selected partners’ birth chart. Use it to increase the level of compatibility of the selected profiles.

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Each one of us is a universe to be discovered Find your soulmate Now!

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marithefranzy (11777)

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Gender: Female
Age: 21
Lives in: Philippines
Nationality: Philippines
Ethnicity: Asian
Marital status: Single
Has children: No
Height: 163 cm / 5 ft 34 in
Weight: 63 kg / 139 lb
Body Type: Average
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Education: Bachelors degree
Occupation: Marketing Team Member
Religion: Catholic
Languages Spoken: English
English level: Fluent
Relocate: Yes
Exercising: Regularly
Smoking: Occasionally

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I am just an average girl who loves sports. I do Capoeira and Arnis (stick fighting). I read most of the times (i read almost anything). I love to cook. I've dated more than ten guys but none of them truly ever loved me. Or is it just me who overlooked the chance that they might have been?*sighs* whatever it is. I'm tired of loving somebody else right now. I definitely cannot fool myself and try flinging to somebody and at the end; I'm the one who'd fell into a trap, which I made in the first place. Nevertheless, i still want to meet the man who could sweep away my feet! I believe in deep and sensual relationship :D
Gender : Female          Aged : 21          For : Friendship Love
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Find your Soulmate in the Stars!

We use in the unique astrology dating system of AstralFeeling a series of 5 parameters which are the following:

The Chinese sign according to the year of birth, works in harmony with the Jupiter planet which synthesizes the different components of the personality and filters the influences of all the other planets.

The Sun & the Moon in the signs inform us about the spiritual & the mental life of an individual.

The Sun in a birth chart is usually represents the conscious ego, the self and its expression. It expresses the instinctive will and the social personality. The solar sign is set according to the month of birth.

The Moon in a birth chart is the seat of one's feelings and hidden personality. It expresses the sensitivity and the imaginary. The lunar sign is set according to the day of birth.

The positions of Mars & Venus in the signs which enable us to define the sexual and erotic personality, and everyone is aware that it constitutes one of the keystones of the agreement in love.

Mars is the planet of sex drive. It is linked with our physical energy, power of action. It rules the sex drive whether you are a man or a woman.

Venus is the planet of love feelings. It indicates the type of qualities one looks for in a mate. Venus fortifies compatibility and adds to the general harmony of the relationship.