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The Yin-Yang Balance of the Double Zodiac
Chinese Phoenix

The Way that can be told of is not an Unvarying Way, the names that can be named are not unvarying names. It was from the Nameless that Heaven and Earth sprang, The named is but the mother that rears the Ten Thousand Creatures, each after its kind. Extract from Dao De Jing 道德經 of Lao Zi 老子

Why Astrology for Dating?

Yin-Yang Theory

From the Tai Ji emerge the Ten Thousand Creatures

Yin-Yang, Tai-Ji & Ba-Gua

  In the Taoist philosophy, from the Wu Ji 无極 (Empty Median) emerges the Tai Ji 太極 (Supreme Pole) which contains the multiplicity of all manifestations. Yin 陰 & Yang 陽 are the modalities of its action and express the duality of life, like that of man and woman, of body and spirit, of energy and material, of sky and earth… Chinese philosophy ascribes the source of all movement of matter and the life force to the constant, equilibrating pull of the negative and positive sides of energy.

This fundamental principle finds itself in all the fields of the Chinese and Far Eastern cultures, astrology is also concerned by this energetic & cosmic dynamism because from Yin and Yang springs out the infinity of forms of life and the astrological signs -whether they are western or eastern- are only an emanation.
The Yin and Yang then engender the Four Phases or Si Xiang 四象:

Tai Yin 太陰 - Shao Yin 少陰 - Shao Yang 少陽 - Tai Yang 太陽

These principles control the evolution of all beings from birth to death. They can be compared to the four phases of the moon.
The Four Phases then create the Eight Trigrammes or Ba Gua 八卦:

Zhen 震 - Li 離 - Dui 兌 - Qian 乾 - Kun 坤 - Gen 艮 - Kan 坎 - Xun

The trigrammes evocate the mutations which touch human beings and human concerns, they form the 64 hexagrammes of the famous divination Chinese book: the Yi Jing 易經. They will be associated with the Eight Triangles of Affinity which compose the basis of the system of correspondence between the two zodiacs.

The system of Astral Feeling is powerfully anchored on these esoteric concepts of ancient China, and especially the relationship system "SIX DEGREE ENERGY" which is based on the interaction of the Chinese Zodiac Triangles of Affinity whether they be Yin or Yang. The interaction of the planets depending on their Yin/Yang polarity is also taken into account, all the system is structured in such a way around the Yin-Yang theory which although simple in appearance brings a very deep comprehension of the secret mechanisms of life.
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Chinese & Western Astrologies

Cosmic Sun Since the dawn of humanity, under all latitudes, mankind has tried to apprehend the cosmic forces which animate the universe. Astrology, a poetic and symbolic system, remains one of the vastest tools created by mankind to understand the influence of the stars and the planets on human destiny. These celestial bodies appeared to all the advanced civilizations as centers of energy, generators of forces.

Zodiac literally means Animals in Greek and refers to the patterns or configurations of creatures as seen in the twinkling stars at night. The Zodiac belt is the great circle around which the Sun apparently moves month by month throughout the year, transceiving the energy of those different constellational signs and thereby transmitting the celestial radiations to our Earth.

More than 4000 years ago, Egyptians, Indians and Chinese worked on astrological systems based on the trajectory of the Sun among the various constellations and on the phases of the moon. Western Astrology rooted in Egypt and Greece is based on the solar calendar, whereas Chinese Astrology is built on the lunar calendar which is shorter by eleven days.

The Chinese culture has built itself firmly around the lunar influence, believing its magnetic pull to greatly affect all bodies of water including humans who are largely water based. However, the specificity of Chinese Astrology also lies in the intermingling of the lunar cycle (27 days) with the solar cycle (365 days) and Jupiter's cycle (12 years), which are a little like the toothed wheels of gears.

As Western Astrology is dissociated by the diversity of the parameters which make a birth chart which are the signs (solar, lunar, ascendant), the planets, the houses, the lunar nodes, etc.; which are like the various parts of the same engine.

Actually, we can say to summarize that the strength of Western Astrology lies in its psychological relevance whereas the Chinese Astrology remains in its capacity of prediction, it integrates for example criteria of directions which make it possible to modify the influence of fortune on people.

Cosmic MoonBeyond reading destiny, astrology allows us to know ourselves better and helps to encircle a little more closely that for what one is made of and to find a better balance. It also lays down rules of compatibility and affinity between people. The principle interest of the double astrology is to be able to refine with an extreme degree of precision the knowledge of ourselves and others.
The Holy Grail & the Soulmate Quest !?

Double Zodiac System

Chinese symbolThe 12 year Jupiter cycle, each sign lasts for one year
Sun symbolThe 365 day solar cycle, each sign lasts for one month
Moon symbolThe 27 day lunar cycle, each sign lasts for two or three days
Mars symbolThe 2 year Mars cycle, each sign lasts for two months approximately
Venus symbolThe 1 year Venus cycle, each sign lasts for one month approximately

Blue Sun The Chinese sign associated with Jupiter - since governed by the Jupiter twelve year cycle - reveals the expression and the manifestation of the power of expansion of the individual, the blossoming of his personality. This planet catalyses the influences of other planets, it is therefore primary in the study of a birth chart. It will be associated with Zeus, king of gods in the Greek mythology.

The position of the Sun in the signs informs us about the expression and the manifestation of the instinctive will of the individual, by instinctive will one should understand what is wanted by the individual without thinking.
The position of the Moon in the signs informs us about the nature and the expression of the sensibility of a person, by sensibility one should understand the way in which is perceived and felt the world through the five senses.

These two planets combine their influences Yin (Moon) and Yang (Sun) in such a way to polarise the Psyche (the spirit). Psyche being – although from a mortal origin- the goddess symbolising the thirst of love of the human spirit in the Greek mythology.

The position of  Venus in the signs reveals the nature of emotions and feelings, as the sensuality of a being.
The position of  Mars in the signs reveals the power of action, the affirmation and the expression of the desire of a being.

These two planets combine their Yin (Venus) and Yang (Mars) influences in such a way as to polarise the Eros (erotic personality). Eros being the son of god Mars and the goddess Venus in the Greek mythology. He's madly in love with Psyche!
...because Love is a subtle Chemistry...

TWIN SIGNS: (cf. Good & Bad Combinations) For each sign there is a brother sign, both constitute one of the Six Axis of the Zodiac.
ARIES-LIBRA: Axis of Human relationship
TAURUS-SCORPIO: Axis of Impulse
LEO-AQUARIUS: Axis of Individualisation
VIRGO-PISCES: Axis of Restitution
Although the objectives of these couples of signs are the same, the relationships between them are not always obvious because they each choose different strategies to reach their goals.

Cosmic Heart Chinese Astrology also possesses these Six Axis:
These couples of signs are diametrically opposed and the relationships between them are not the most courteous, an immediate competition establishes itself between them.

STRANGER SIGNS: (cf. Good & Bad Combinations) For each sign there is a perfect stranger who possesses the values that he does not have, this sign can bring him a lesson of life essential for his evolution.
ARIES-PISCES: Action against Detachment
TAURUS-AQUARIUS: Emotion against Mental
GEMINI-CAPRICORN: Youth against Conservatism
CANCER-SAGITTARIUS: Protection against Adventure
LEO-SCORPIO: Moral against Transcendence
VIRGO-LIBRA: Cosmic against Social
Between these signs either antipathy is immediate and definitive, either a fascinating relationship can be born, everything depends on the other astral positions.

Chinese astrology possesses also these types of relationships:
These couples of signs define themselves more like enemies between which the relationships are not so much advised especially in the love field.

Purple Moon In the unique Astral Feeling system you will find also for each Chinese sign, - under the 144 New Double Signs section - a Polarity Associated in the Western Zodiac. For instance for the Tiger the best polarity is Earth (Tiger/Taurus, Tiger/Virgo, Tiger/Capricorn) because this element has a calming influence on the agitated nature of this one. For the Pig the best polarity is Fire because it has a dynamic influence. It is the Yin/Yang Balance of the Double Zodiac.

Why Astrology for Dating?
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