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  You will find here a variation of your sign interpretation because in the Chinese astrology each animal is connected with an element depending on the year of the birth: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. All these variations form a sixty year cycle which is continually repeating. Check the Lunar Calendar Table to find which Element applies to your Chinese sign. You may also report to the Five Elements of the Chinese Zodiac section to learn more about the meaning of this aspect of the Chinese astrology.  

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Wood RatYour impatience to explore new avenues may affect your attention to detail, you can leave project unfinished, try to be more self-reliant.
Fire RatYour energy and drive can be overwhelming and while many are impressed, others find you hard to handle, try to be more tolerant.
Earth RatYou are at ease in most social situations, but domestic affairs make you feel nervous, try to be more relax and to focus on the more positive aspect of life.
Metal RatYou are a perceptive and realistic partner, rarely let you inappropriate emotions affect your judgement, you can easily handle challenges.
Water RatAlthough you appear to be cheerful and lively, there is a anxious side to your character; when under pressure you don’t like to speak about your worries.

Wood OxYour steady interest in the world around you makes you a popular companion, you have a wide circle of friends who will be there in times of trouble.
Fire OxYou are a generous and enthusiastic person, you often dedicate yourself to those in need or to support worthy causes.
Earth OxYou are a dedicated worker ideally suited to run your own business, you are also a reliable friend and supportive partner.
Metal OxYour determination and your resistance enable you to handle a large amount of work, take the time to shill out and to focus on something else than work.
Water OxYou will need to be more perseverant in order to achieve your goals, at times you will need to suffer a lack of recognition but it will not deter you from your aims.

Fire TigerYou can quickly absorb important facts and this gives the confidence to speak out on any issue, you are also a committed friend.
Earth TigerYou have a huge capacity of work and a pragmatic approach, you are also more settle than other Tigers.
Metal TigerYou have a magnetic presence and your determination will often serve you well in case of problems.
Water tigerYou have an intuitive and comprehensive approach and communicative nature, even if your intentions are genuine you speak too directly and candidly.
Wood TigerYou are a good observer and before making a commitment you take the time to consider possibilities of success or failure.
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Fire RabbitYou have a great endurance and are a dedicated worker, rarely letting anything drag you down; sometime you could be over-excitable.
Earth RabbitYou need to feel secure to build a fruitful career and don’t like to face challenge, you like to work within a hierarchy.
Metal RabbitUnfamiliar people make you feel nervous, however you have a innate strength that enable you to regain your confidence.
Water RabbitLuck seems to be on your side, it will helps you to establish the security you need transforming misfortunes into opportunities.
Wood RabbitYou have a natural charm and energy and although you think it is important to achieve some level of success, there is a more caring side to your character.

Earth DragonYou have a notable presence and although you may appear intimidating, you are essentially accommodating.
Metal DragonYou do have a natural charisma but on occasion you need to recognize that others should be approached with more sensitivity.
Water DragonYou are a very creative person with psychic faculties, you know how to find in yourself the necessary resources to overcome obstacles in your way.
Wood DragonYou are a good judge of people and situations, you feel that justice should be carried out even if it means putting your reputation on the line.
Fire DragonYou are energetic and intelligent, the thrill of travel spurs on you ; it may take time before you feel ready to commit to one person or place.

Earth SnakeYou analyse situations carefully, you are a diligent and perseverant worker which serves you well in your career.
Metal SnakeYou have an ambitious nature but it’s hard for you to commit yourself to one career, your early working life may be unpredictable.
Water SnakeYou are astute in your observations and deft in your actions, this quick-witted approach will serve you well in your career.
Wood SnakeYou sometimes underplay your efforts but this self-effacing approach means you do not always receive due praise.
Fire SnakeYou have unconventional methods and you are determined to achieve your goal, your decisive approach rarely allows obstacles to stand on your way.
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Metal HorseYou are honest and straightforward but in your eagerness to express opinions you may sometimes appear tactless.
Water HorseYour hard and dedicated approach to work will provide you with financial stability and though you appreciate life you rarely waste money.
Wood HorseYou are thoughtful and quick to react in defence of those who cannot fight for themselves.
Fire HorseYou are an understated leader who can inspire others with ease but your personal relationship are more complex due to your emotional enthusiasm.
Earth HorseYou are warm-hearted with a gentle personality that endears you to many. You are stimulated by new opportunities and approach them with intelligence.

Metal GoatYou are idealistic and ready to forgive those who have hurt you, it makes you vulnerable to manipulation or deceit.
Water GoatYou are generous and open-hearted, ready to give time and money to worthy causes, with time your efforts will be appreciated.
Wood GoatYou are industrious, honest and inspire respect among friends. Your great creativity will deserve you well in the field of art.
Fire GoatYou feel it is important to know the truth and you will steadily seek answers through investigation or debate.
Earth GoatYour straightforward personality combined with a natural elegance enables you to make your opponent accept your arguments.

Water MonkeyYou are bright but prone to unexpected mood swings that can dampen your spirit. You need to feel reassured by your environment.
Wood MonkeyYou have a charming presence that attracts friends with ease and your witty conversation soon draws out the feelings of others.
Fire MonkeyYour astute mind allows you skilfully to judge characters and situations, you are well suited to a career in business or law.
Earth MonkeyYou have good insight into the motives that drive those around you and are a dedicated worker, rarely let mood swings distract you from your task.
Metal MonkeyYou are bright and active but sometimes you should be less forceful, give yourself time to observe what is going on around you.
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Water RoosterYour approach life enthusiastically and when you hear a secret you will find it difficult to resist telling others.
Wood RoosterYou expect the best of people and circumstances and your optimistic streak makes you believe things will work out well in the end.
Fire RoosterYou are sociable and cheerful and are usually quick to make friends whom may prove to be influential in your life.
Earth RoosterYou have a lucky star especially in relation to finance, but your family relationships may have unpredictable highs and lows.
Metal RoosterYou have the will to succeed combined with an healthy constitution, and like to be involved in the heart of projects.

Wood DogYou are a skilled negotiator rarely acknowledging defeat but your stubborn streak can turn personal discussions into arguments.
Fire DogYour relaxed nature will serve you well in your career, you cannot, however, work efficiently when forced to make decisions.
Earth DogYou have an independent nature and prefer to rely on your own judgement, and this helps you to spot opportunities.
Metal DogYou have a strong and determined character which You have an independent nature and prefer to rely on your own judgement, and this helps you to spot opportunities.
Metal DogYou have a strong and determined character which emerges when you are confronted by an injustice or witness unfair treatment.
Water DogIt is hard for you to hold on to money for long since you either spend it on your family or on worthy causes.

Wood PigYou are honest in your dealings and straightforward in your opinions, but your outspoken approach may create tensions.
Fire PigYou are not frightened by challenging projects but you do take your personal commitment into consideration before accepting work.
Earth PigYou are optimistic and alert and have the confidence to carry you through the unexpected, you know how to adapt your plans to the circumstances.
Metal PigYou focus on the issues that affect you and those close to you, you also value your independence and are confident in your decisions.
Water PigYou form close friendships and in times of trouble can be relied upon to come to the defence of friends or share their sorrows.
Why Astrology for Dating?


24 January 1936 10 February 1937火 Fire 鼠 Rat
11 February 193730 January 1938 火 Fire 牛 Ox
31 January 1938 18 February 1939土 Earth虎 Tiger
19 February 193907 February 1940土 Earth兔 Rabbit
08 February 194026 January 1941 金 Metal龍 Dragon
27 January 1941 14 February 1942金 Metal蛇 Snake
15 February 194204 February 1943水 Water馬 Horse
05 February 194324 January 1944 水 Water羊 Goat
25 January 1944 12 February 1945木 Wood 猴 Monkey
13 February 194501 February 1946木 Wood 雞 Rooster
02 February 194621 January 1947 火 Fire 狗 Dog
22 January 1947 09 February 1948火 Fire 豬 Pig
10 February 194828 January 1949 土 Earth鼠 Rat
29 January 1949 16 February 1950土 Earth牛 Ox
17 February 195005 February 1951金 Metal虎 Tiger
06 February 195126 January 1952 金 Metal兔 Rabbit
27 January 1952 13 February 1953水 Water龍 Dragon
14 February 195302 February 1954水 Water蛇 Snake
03 February 195423 January 1955 木 Wood 馬 Horse
24 January 1955 11 February 1956木 Wood 羊 Goat
12 February 195630 January 1957 火 Fire 猴 Monkey
31 January 1957 17 February 1958火 Fire 雞 Rooster
18 February 195807 February 1959土 Earth狗 Dog
08 February 195927 January 1960 土 Earth豬 Pig
28 January 1960 14 February 1961金 Metal鼠 Rat
15 February 196104 February 1962金 Metal牛 Ox
05 February 196224 January 1963 水 Water虎 Tiger
25 January 1963 12 February 1964水 Water兔 Rabbit
13 February 196401 February 1965木 Wood 龍 Dragon
02 February 196520 January 1966 木 Wood 蛇 Snake
21 January 1966 08 February 1967火 Fire 馬 Horse
09 February 196729 January 1968 火 Fire 羊 Goat
30 January 1968 16 February 1969土 Earth猴 Monkey
17 February 196905 February 1970土 Earth雞 Rooster
06 February 197026 January 1971 金 Metal狗 Dog
27 January 1971 14 February 1972金 Metal豬 Pig
15 February 197202 February 1973水 Water鼠 Rat
03 February 197322 January 1974 水 Water牛 Ox
23 January 1974 10 February 1975木 Wood 虎 Tiger
11 February 197530 January 1976 木 Wood 兔 Rabbit
31 January 1976 17 February 1977火 Fire 龍 Dragon
18 February 197706 February 1978火 Fire 蛇 Snake
07 February 197827 January 1979 土 Earth馬 Horse
28 January 1979 15 February 1980土 Earth羊 Goat
16 February 198004 February 1981金 Metal猴 Monkey
05 February 198124 January 1982 金 Metal雞 Rooster
25 January 1982 12 February 1983水 Water狗 Dog
13 February 198301 February 1984水 Water豬 Pig
02 February 198419 February 1985木 Wood 鼠 Rat
20 February 198508 February 1986木 Wood 牛 Ox
09 February 198628 January 1987 火 Fire 虎 Tiger
29 January 1987 16 February 1988火 Fire 兔 Rabbit
17 February 198805 February 1989土 Earth龍 Dragon
06 February 198926 January 1990 土 Earth蛇 Snake
27 January 1990 14 February 1991金 Metal馬 Horse
15 February 199103 February 1992金 Metal羊 Goat
04 February 199222 January 1993 水 Water猴 Monkey
23 January 1993 09 February 1994水 Water雞 Rooster
10 February 199430 January 1995 木 Wood 狗 Dog
31 January 1995 18 February 1996木 Wood 豬 Pig
19 February 199606 February 1997火 Fire 鼠 Rat
07 February 199727 January 1998 火 Fire 牛 Ox
28 January 1998 15 February 1999土 Earth虎 Tiger
16 February 199904 February 2000土 Earth兔 Rabbit
05 February 200023 January 2001 金 Metal龍 Dragon
24 January 2001 11 February 2002金 Metal蛇 Snake
12 February 200231 January 2003 水 Water馬 Horse
01 February 200321 January 2004 水 Water羊 Goat
22 January 2004 08 February 2005木 Wood 猴 Monkey
09 February 200528 January 2006 木 Wood 雞 Rooster
29 January 2006 17 February 2007火 Fire 狗 Dog
18 February 200706 February 2008火 Fire 豬 Pig
07 February 200825 January 2009 土 Earth鼠 Rat
26 January 2009 13 February 2010土 Earth牛 Ox
14 February 201002 February 2011金 Metal虎 Tiger
03 February 201122 January 2012 金 Metal兔 Rabbit
23 January 2012 ...we'll see !?水 Water龍 Dragon
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