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  This system of equivalence does not mean that there is an identity between the signs of these two zodiacs. They are simply connections that can be established. Each astrological system having naturally its specificity although common polarities might be brought to light.

Why Astrology for Dating?

These two signs have both a voracious ambition and know how to shine in society, they both have the idea that only the end justifies the means and their natural charisma adds to this philosophy, their sense of family is also very developed.
The Rat advises- Leo rules - Planet Sun - Expansiveness

They are both inexhaustible workers, stable and reliable people, they are sincere, methodical and calm but they can also be slow, rigid, authoritarian and conservative.
The Ox gives a sense of responsability - Capricorn preserves - Planet Saturn - Rigour

They are both adventurors and revolutionaries; they love independence, are altruistic, dynamic and optimistic. They also have a rebel nature associated with their explosive personalities.
The Tiger reforms – Aquarius conceptualizes - Planet Uranus - Renewal

They both possess a great receptiveness and psychology, they are both refined and artists and like to preserve a certain distance between them and the real world. They can reveal themselves to be secretive, fearful, and imperceptible.
The Rabbit reconciles – Pisces loosens - Planet Neptune - Clairvoyance

They both incarnate cosmic forces in the human, they share strength, magnetism, vitality, enthusiasm and a certain dose of illumination but they are both too overconfident, stubborn and rigid.
The Dragon inaugurates - Aries manages - Planet Mars - Action

These two signs both have a venomous nature, which means that Nature has given them a particular magical strength, they are jealous to the extreme and possess a kind of hypnotic power.
The Snake plans - Scorpio transforms - Planet Pluto - Magic
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They have a common enthusiasm and an inexhaustible optimism, they approach life with an enthusiasm and a trust in their capacity to succeed which can leave one admiring ; maybe a little modesty once in a while would do them some good.
The Horse organizes - Sagittarius finalizes - Planet Jupiter - Dynamism

They are both very sensitive, creative, modest, full of compassion for their neighbour, persevering and are listen to others but they also have in common hesitation, a fearful nature and a certain weakness of character.
The Goat dreams - Cancer protects - Planet Moon - Receptiveness

They are both eternal teenagers, independent, seducing, flexible in their movements and very persuasive in their speeches, they also have in common a certain immaturity and a fondness for ruses tricks.
The Monkey invents – Gemini transmits - Planet Mercury - Communication

They have in common the sense of meticulousness, the method of organizing tasks to be accomplished, the sense of responsabilities at work but can both lack breadth in their judgements and in their perspectives.
The Rooster analyzes - Virgo heals - Planet Mercury - Devotion

They both share the sense of harmony in their human relationships and center their existence on the constructive aspect of the relationship to the other for their own personality but they can both also reveal themselves to be hesitant in their sentimental life.
The Dog keeps – Libra balances - Planet Venus - Harmony

They are both loyal, passionate, persevering, sensible, creative, deep, sensual and epicurian but both are also victims of a sort of bad luck that follows them in their sentimental life.
The Pig distributes- Taurus buys - Planet Venus - Generosity

Why Astrology for Dating?

It is important to notice that the Chinese zodiac, which forms a cycle of twelve years, corresponds to Jupiter’s cycle. If we consider that the aspects of Jupiter in Western astrology inform us on the individual’s capacity of expansion, the expression of its personality and the faculty to synthesize the Sun’s, the Moon’s, Mercury’s, Venus’ and Mars’ influences ; so we obtain a new light to approach the twelve signs of the Chinese astrology. This allows us to understand at what point these two systems are complementary.
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