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  You may consult the Chinese Signs’ Male & Female Specificities to discover the variations of each sign according to its gender.

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The Rat is controlled by Water, Aries by Fire. This produces a constant foaming. Full of insurance on the surface, this native is gnawed by the fear of failure and cannot bear to be given lessons. He needs passion, an emotional support and the time to calm down his interior turmoil in order to find the right direction.

The Earth of Taurus has a calming action on the anxious nature of the Rat. Incredibly sensual and greedy of the pleasures of life, this native is very sociable. Be careful however to his violent reactions if you ever try to cheat on him. This subject needs a lot of love and will definitely be attracted by the Arts.

The Water of the Rat and the Air of Gemini create a sacred geyser. An instable combination if other aspects do not stabilize this native. He should learn to finish what he undertakes and to channel his energy which has a tendency to fuse in every directions. This person can excel in jobs in which he will have to put on an act and to be persuasive.

Two Water signs together. Cancer calms the Rat but this subject will be inhabited by an eternal interior dissatisfaction. This native will be attracted by business and at ease within his family environment in which he will bring warmth and comfort. This person has undeniably a good heart but be careful not to take him for a fool.

Water and Fire combine to produce a unique energy. Activity is the only remedy to this native's energetic personality. Very ambitious he is ready to sacrifice everything to reach his goals. He is a genuine tyrant who cannot stand people who try to resist him. However behind this royal appearance hides someone who is fickle in love. Listen to his advice, he is very well advised.

The Crystal of Virgo clarifies the Water of the Rat. It's a genuine concentrate of rigour and preciseness. This native will be constantly calculating and conceiving plans of action. Behind a puritan look hides an amateur of pleasures who does not ask for more than to be revealed by his partner. Teach him to let go…...

The Air of the Libra gives energy to the Water of the Rat. This native should definitely guide himself towards a field in which the gift of making speeches is essential. A natural charm and sense of good manners enables him to reach his goals because he also knows how to circumvent obstacles skilfully by making good decisions. It might be plausible that his taste for luxury will be strong.

The Water of Scorpio deepens the psychic qualities of the Rat already strongly perceptive. This native is gifted with divine gifts. It's difficult to fool him or to hide anything from him. He possesses a radar that can detect anything. Take seriously his advice and don't laugh at his warnings. A sexuality definitely tainted by sadomasochism.

Fire heats Water. The confidence and the idealism of Sagittarius transcend the anxious and confused nature of the Rat. It's an energetic combination which associates charm and strength. Success will often be present. This native is very expansive and will certainly turn out to be a brilliant business man.

The Earth this time will have the tendency to obstruct the Water of the Rat. Capricorn does not undertake anything that hasn't been tested in the past. This native is prudent but undertaking. Capricorn will slow down the need of action of the Rat if his surrounding does not comfort him in his choices.

The Air of the ethereal Aquarius makes the Water of the Rat weightless. This subject should have a very eccentric, provocative and adventurous personality. The family will be less important for this Rat than for others. This native possesses a gift for anticipating the future and will be inclined in his life to experiment new experiences.

The cosmic Water of Pisces mixed with the underground Water of the Rat produces something strange. How to be able to conciliate two fluids of opposing natures. This native will have the tendency to hang on to stronger than him in order not to drown. He likes to be dependent on others and uses his strength of seduction to mystify you and to get the most out of you.
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Earth and Fire combine in a positive way. Aries stimulates the calm nature of the Ox and gives a certain dosage of magnetism of which the latter is in great need. This subject should be able to conquest the positions of force he aims at. He will be worthy of the trust you give him.

The great strength of Earth. This native is a genuine bull fighter, a concentrate of perseverance, ambition that no one will be able to stop in his ascension. If you are looking for a solid shoulder which you can depend upon , you are at the right spot. This subject has a strong appetite for sex and food.

The Air of Gemini is beneficial for the Ox. His lightness is a water of youth for the Ox. This native will be more talkative than other persons born in the Ox's year and will know when to raise his head to see what's going on around him. It is beneficial for an Ox to be born in the month of June. Its existence will be less arduous.

The Water of Cancer weighs the Earth down. This subject will be an excellent father, an outstanding company executive of a company, a loyal friend. However don't betray his trust ortherwise he will crush you. You will have difficulty trying to get him to get out of the house because he is the champion as far as staying at home.

Once again Fire and Earth unite perfectly. Calmer and less flamboyant than other Leos, this subject is however an inborn leader who should learn to control his appetites of conquest and to surround himself with cleverer people than him in order to complete his ascension towards the top.

A rough diamond buried in the earth. This native is a genuine workaholic, he could build the pyramids of Egypt by himself. He is a lost Saint in the middle of this chaotic world. He should be cautious not to be caught up by cleverer than him who would enjoy exploiting him.

The breeze of Libra brings to the Earth seeds of fertility. This native should be of a more refined nature than other persons born in the Ox's year. An amateur of Arts who puts to the service of his inspiration, his capacity to accomplish demanding tasks.

The stagnant Water of Scorpio limes the Earth of the Ox. It's not a very reassuring combination. This native is not very friendly, he can take over a boxer's career. His revengeful spirit is no to be taken light heartedly and challenges don't mean a thing to him. Be aware not to be guided by self destruction.

The Fire of Sagittarius sets the Earth on fire. This subject is a winner, a fighter and a knight for the right cause. Raised ideals and hard work combine themselves in this native into an invincible nature. Don't go by his appearance because behind a docile outward appearance hides a rock of ambition.

Just like in the myth of Sisyphe, this native could spend his life moving rocks where the slope is hardest to climb. He is hard working and only knows the pleasure that suffering and effort bring. He should learn to focus on something else that work. If you are looking for someone reliable that will never betray you, trust this combination.

Earth and Sky unite perfectly. It's a beneficial alliance because the inventiveness of Aquarius is assisted by the strength of work of the Ox. This native should be able to succeed in the social sphere or politics because the Oxen inspire trust and are leaders in which Aquarius adds a universal aura. He's also a less despotic and more eccentric Ox.

Earth and Ocean reunited. It's a fertilizing alliance because this time, in addition to the creativity and the sensitivity of Pisces, is added the perseverance and the stability of the Ox. A brilliant artistic career welcomes him thanks to a devoted patience to an unlimited inspiration.
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Wood and Fire burn like a fire of joy. It's the union of the Tiger and the Dragon. This native is a genuine sprinter, a bold warrior and an inborn charismatic leader, perhaps a little too much. It would be better that more quiet, calming and reflective aspects counterbalance this chart because an excess of self confidence should be feared. The sentimental life should also be very agitated.

Wood roots itself in the Earth. It is beneficial for a Tiger to be born in the second sign of the Zodiac, because Taurus adds its calm strength to the aggressive Tiger. In addition, it brings it patience and perseverance. However, this native must be extremely stubborn and little inclined to diplomacy. We are dealing with someone extremely sensual.

Air stimulates at its maximum the growth of the Wood. This Tiger is optimistically determined. Nothing can discourage its sense of the extreme adventure. An actor's or explorer's career should be able to satisfy this native's need for discovery and seduction. Like many Tigers, this subject may practice Martial Arts in order to learn to channel himself.

Water nourishes the Wood. This native is more sedentary than other persons born in the Tiger's year which is not a disadvantage. His susceptibility is to be handled carefully because behind the drowsy feline hides a crab with dreadful pincers. He should blossom in the heart of a company in which he would assume responsibilities.

Wood and Fire create an inferno. This Tiger is a fire eater, he does not fear anything or anyone. Its worst enemy is at its sides. This Tiger should be the happiest of all animals. Once in a while this native's ego should get in the way because he is intimately persuaded to be the best. Treat him with lots of humour because he practically never bites.

Wood and Earth unite marvellously. Virgo gives to the Tiger what it lacks in order to persist. This combination is really excellent. The Tiger brings force and courage to the shy Virgo. This tiger will certainly be one of those knights with a big heart ready to defend at any cost a noble cause.

A breeze makes the leaves rustle with grace. This combination turns out to be harmonious to the Tiger because Libra brings it elegance and balance. Speaking is for this native an Art that he will pursue with delight and magnetism. He knows how to impose himself with a style that is a less show off than most tigers.

A Tiger with claws of steel and a poisoned tail. Be careful, here is someone you should not underestimate and deal with lightly because you could regret it strongly. This Tiger without any doubt could become the chief of the mafia or a professional killer. However there must be certainly hidden deep down of him a great sensibility and generosity.

Wood and Fire create a magnificent firework. Tigers are noisy idealists. Sagittarius is not outdone in this field. This combination is truly excessive and one must fear that it creates a Don Quichotte which would be very difficult to bring back to reality as limited as it may seem to this native.

The Tiger takes refuge in the mountain. This native should seek for solitude in order to meditate on the reasons of his existence and the meaning he wants to give to it. He will need a lot of time to get over his inside heartbreaks. This subject will not be an inborn hunter nor a sprinter. He should be at the service of others politically as well as a humanitarilly.

The Tiger contemplates the Milky Way. Here is a supernatural combination, actually Aquarius and Tigers are so alike that it is difficult to predict which trajectory they would follow. Perhaps this native would reform the world and would be a great visionary or maybe he will be an antisocial anarchist at the limit of ruining his environment and himself.

This Tiger should consolidate its raft. This native is a hypersensitive and sentimental and should have to learn to channel his emotions. He should surround himself with stable and reliable people because the dangers are never far from him. However this subject profits from a great inspiration and clairvoyance.
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Will Fire and Wood make sparks? The energy of Aries allows the Rabbit to find the courage to get over the obstacles which members of its race would rather avoid. This native should be interested in Arts just like many persons born in Rabbit's year but perhaps he should get in touch with them for business purposes.

Earth nourishes Wood. This Rabbit is a stay at home type person, sensual and epicurian. This native prefers by far a warm fire by the chimney and a walk in the forest than the boosting animation of the cities or other noisy areas. He needs to have a big savings' account with a comfortable estate decorated in a refined style to express his artistic sensibility.

Air warms Wood. The audacity of Gemini frees a little the shy Rabbit but it becomes however more nervous and unstable. This native should learn to accomplish one thing at a time. This subject knows how to use his keen sense of psychology to find solutions to his problems. His intellectual shrewdness is truly amazing and may allow him to be successful in a lot of fields.

Water spoils Wood. So much Yin energy brought together would benefitl from being revitalized by more tonic aspects. This type of Rabbit is not the type to adventure itself outside its hole being afraid to be devoured raw. The sensibility of this native is very deep and developed. He communicates with the invisible forces and his interior looks like the witches' den.

Fire and Wood succeed this time to blaze. The Rabbit takes advantage of the royal status of Leo. This native will be respected naturally thanks to his charisma and to his sense of psychology. Ambition is very developed. He is capable of moderating his conquest appetites due to a long term view of situations. A winning pair!

Fossilized Wood has turned into Diamond. This native is a true precious stone, pure and refined. His sense of altruism is fascinating, his determination is unchangeable. He has a very efficient sense of organization and the purity of his intentions is unassailable. This subject should be aware that the world is not filled with people like himself.

Here is an aristocratic Rabbit. This native's manners are delicate and studied. Diplomacy for him is an ethic and behind his little frail appearance hides a prodigious inner strength that analyses each one of your attitudes to find your weak points. This subject is unpredictable and never reveals his game. He's also an aesthete.

Do not date this native during full moon. Behind his soft appearance hides a magician with secret powers beyond suspicion. This person has the determination to go through all kind of situations but will need a huge amount of time to overcome his emotional instability. However he's resourceful and persistent to the extreme.

Fire moves demons away. Here is once again our charming colleague after an exorcist session. Fresh and new. The optimism of Sagittarius does a lot of good to the anxious Rabbit. This native can say that he was born under a lucky star. The combination is beneficial and balances out. He should always be able to move ahead.

Wood being attacked by termites. A monument of conservation and austerity. This native is cold and strict and still goes by the rules of the last century. Disdainful and full of himself, he prefers to isolate himself in an ivory tower to forget all the people and things that surround him, especially if he has encountered failure.

This native is an intellectual always designing metaphysical theories or philosophical works. He prefers the world of ideas than the real world and family is not at all a priority, he is too busy designing the last prototype of an orbital station. He's most of the time full of energy that he invests in new projects and ideas.

The cosmic Rabbit. This subject is a little puzzling. He's a dreamer, a poet, an artist with an exacerbated sensibility. He looks for love, the beautiful and the absolute. He is a little lost in the real world. He needs a shoulder that he can lean on and all the comfort he needs to spring from his creative soul the life elixir.
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A Dragon with two heads. Failure and obstacles do not mean anything for this native. It only stimulates his driving will and his need to launch challenges. His motto is to move ahead no matter the price to pay. A lot of magnetism and vitality come out from within him.

A living bulldozer. The calming influence of Earth is very beneficial for the Dragon who makes Taurus take advantage of its proverbial luck. A career in the Arts could be seen crowned with success. This native will certainly look for the calming influence of the Nature in which he finds inspiration.

The Siamese Dragons. The Air of Gemini predicts an uncertain future for this native. Many successful beginnings might turn up into failures. Perhaps he should make the most of his unusual aura to become a star but in any case he should learn to moderate his excessive enthusiasm. He should make endeavours to learn to channel his own energy or Qi.

An ocean of power. To whom who would be interested to share the turbulent life of the Dragon, it would be advised for those persons to choose a native of this type. More balanced and cautious than other persons of the Dragon year, he targets his goals by considering all aspects. Family has a meaning for him.

A blowtorch full of gas. This native is surely dreaming to rule the world and he has great chances to succeed. However an excess of self confidence is to be feared in this supernatural combination. He should learn to come down to earth.

A diamond shining with thousands of fires. The combination of earth and mineral creates a subject in which the ability of concentration will allow him to lead great tasks requiring a lot of energy and rigour. The success of this pair will shine.

The magnetic elegance. The Art to seduce the crowd and to capture the attention of others is natural for this native. His gifts as an orator could make him become one of the barons of the international diplomacy. The Arts in general should interest him. Women of this type are greatly appreciated.

The dragon with the poisoned sting. It's not easy to be in contact with a person of this kind. Nobody matches his demands, possessiveness and his need to go till the end. His medium gifts allows him to enter dimensions that one cannot even suspect. Definitely a great warrior, an enchanting lover and a potential genius.

The sacred archer on his reptilian mount. This native has a great energy but too much self-confidence is never a quality. He's full of optimism, of faith in situations. He is full of idealism that turns out often into empty projects. A belt of lead should allow him to have his feet on solid ground.

A monument of conservatism. Of all the signs of the Western zodiac, Capricorn is the one that least matches the Dragon who cannot stand the taciturn and conservative nature of the latter. This native should forget about being under the spotlights even if it will cause him frustration.

A dragon that crosses the walls. This native is a visionary of his time. His intuition as far as the future is concerned is amazing. Do not hesitate to seek his advices. He's completely detached from the ordinary world. His mind travels in far away galaxies. Do not count on him for daily vague desires.

An alien among the humans. All the sensibility of Pisces will bloom under the influence of the Dragon. Arts will be a passion for this native. His sentimentality is huge and can have consequences on his goals as he answers to the call of passion. He should be surrounded by trustworthy people.
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Half snake, half dragon. The snakes are slow, philosophical and voluptuous. Aries throw themselves into action then think after. This duality constitutes a particular aspect of this native's personality. He is often attracted by esoteric considerations, the medicine or Arts of movement.

The incarnated voluptuousness. Sensual and an extreme artist, this native can stay for a long time inactive before passing into action. One should take notice of a certain weight in his personality. This subject likes to plan his life ahead of time and he can ruminate his anger for an eternity before striking.

Air stimulates Fire. Gemini takes off in every direction at the same time while the Snake watches carefully before taking its jump. It's a complementary union which promises great diversity of talents for this native. He should be attracted by Arts or Sciences connected with Energy.

A boa constrictor. Revengeful, this Snake can eliminate you by choking you with its super powerful rings without you having the time to notice anything. This native has an innate taste for luxury and a magnificent sense of aesthetics, his house may look like the Taj Mahal.

A lion behind a reptile's skin. What a strange creature it is! Behind a calm appearance hides a wild animal which feels like a prisoner of this alliance; a genuine personal suffering is to be feared for this native. He will have to learn to conciliate and to balance out these two aspects of his personality.

He's obsessive about tidiness. These two signs have many points in common. They both are methodical, discrete and altruistic. This native would want to definitely take into his head to organize the life of others even if it gets on their nerves. Don't bear a grudge against him, it's in his nature. He needs people to lift up his spirit.

Calm, luxurious and voluptuous. This subject is looking for beauty. The Snake and Libra have an imperious need of beauty to give a sense to their existence. This native however needs to be focused by his surrounding in order to avoid unending peregrinations. Design and all that is connected to it should fascinate him.

A tail and a venomous tongue. This combination is extremely difficult to live with especially for the native himself. The risks of self destruction are enormous. The subject is racked from the interior with uncontrollable heartbreaks. He must at any rate learn to channel and also to sublimate his sensitivity in the artistic creation.

The arrow of the sacred archer indicates the target to this Snake. This combination is positive because Sagittarius gives a more precise direction to the indecisive Snake. The Snake however calms down the enthusiasm of Sagittarius. The sportive activities requiring explosion and suppleness should be appreciated by this native.

He's a tough one. This native is fighting rocks who never give up the fight. He definitely will choose the longest itinerary which no one would even have considered. But he will go till the end. A meanness is to be feared because this native is looking to impose his vision of the world toward others.

Won't the mental of Aquarius bring prejudice to the Snake's intellect. A tendency to mental instability is perhaps to be feared. This native should practice regularly a physical activity in order to preserve a psychic balance. Science is indicated for his analytical spirit.

The story of the life that flowed out of the waters. This native will need a solid education to choose a precise itinerary before reaching thirty. This combination creates a subject that lacks stable supports to be able to hoist itself on firm ground and to come out from the depths of the original waters of the creation of the world in which he belongs to.
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A volcano ready to explode at any time. Here is a double sign of fire. No element can chill the impetuous character of this native. The angers will be frequent and explosive. This subject needs to exteriorize his energy to find a clear vision of what surrounds him. He's athletic and has a lot of endurance.

One of nature's force. This native thanks to the earthly influence of Taurus loses the natural selfish part of the Horse. He will be more bearable than other persons born in the year of the Horse and is more manual than intellectual. He will reach his goals.

The celestial messenger. It's a creature with a thousand fascinating facets due to his ingenuity and maybe his genius. Cinema, theatre, music, Arts and politics will attract the expansive nature of this native. He needs to be stimulated by success to concentrate longer his attention on one direction.

A courageous labour horse. The temper of the spirited Horse is softened. This native is more sensitive, affectionate, and introverted than other persons born in the year of the Horse. He nourishes from ambitions. When he aims at a goal, the word impossible does not exist in his vocabulary. One advice : don't betray him!

An untameable mustang. This native expresses the energy yang to its peak. Sharing his life is a true challenge. Think twice before committing yourself. The driving of his life is the professional success. Everything else is secondary. It might be that his excessive ambition blinds him obviously.

A nice little horse. The mineral water of Virgo does a lot of good to the Horse. It transforms its agitation to solidity. They are honest and hard working labourers who will stay on the roads marked out to reach their targets. This native is very attractive and possesses a big sexual appetite.

This native possesses more lucidity than the other persons born in the year of the Horse. He appreciates situations where he can handle responsibilities in which he can use his ability of judgement and to stand as an orator. His plastic and aesthetic sense is highly developed. The field of Arts would be productive for him.

A war horse armoured with iron. A dreadful combination with very little flaws in the armour. Whatever the strategy used, this native will knock down his opponents. He is less naive than his fellow creatures and a lot less virtuous. He needs a big dosage of sensuality, money and power.

The celestial archer in flesh and bones. The Sagittarius has the body of a horse. This pair will certainly give birth to an inborn athlete addicted to all kind of sports. By nature this native is an idealist, having the sense of the mission, he should head towards athletic and competitive careers.

A solitary horse. This native takes into account his ambitions and responsibilities so seriously that when he dares to adventure himself on the emotional side, he feels as if he is going to drown in quick sands. It is probable that he finds difficult to render attractive the austerity that caracterises him. He should register to a school of clowns!

A horse race. This native has the gift to foresee in the future and to take advantage of the situation to distance himself from all his opponents. On the emotional side he is very independent and libertarian. He prefers to reach as quickly his objectives thanks to the numerous gifts he owns.

This sea horse is a kind of yin & yang reunited. This native would be very much inspired to exploit his huge creativity but in a disciplined and realistic manner. The malleability of Pisces accentuates the naivety of the Horse. He may suffer from an excess of gullibility and a lack of lucidity.
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The Goat tends to rely upon passive resistance, Aries is a vigorous warrior. Conflicting points of view exist within this native. He should better choose Arts to calm his aggressive nature, in this field he will shine. He would in this way protest pacifically against injustices.

Goats need to be stimulated to get the trust they need to move ahead. Taurus are very much alike. This native should try to stop eating the roses along the path and find a stimulating partner. His sensibility is very developed and his creative soul may allow him to success in an artistic career.

The whim reigns supreme in these two signs. This native should spend most of his life trying to resist to the swirl of idiosyncrasies which he carries within him. His tastes for metamorphosis is entertaining, he should be advised to choose a partner who will appreciate this eccentric streak of his personality.

The Goat and Cancer collapse easily behind emotional wounds. Without a gay and exuberant exterior influence, this native could become withdrawn. He would be an affectionate parent, loving husband or wife and charming friend. His sense of altruism is also very developed.

The leader of the herd. The influence of Leo on the Goat is very beneficial. It's the only Goat which will not need of an exterior support to survive in this merciless world. The Lion boosts the Goat with energy and the latter calms the formers' aggressiveness. Perhaps this native could be a brilliant lawyer.

A crystal of purity. Both of these signs are naive when confronted to treachery. This native will need the advices of a shrewd Monkey to avoid many traps. He should be well advised to avoid the business world. He should put into service his natural kindness towards others.

The Goat and Libra are attracted by luxury, beauty and harmony. This native is delicate and aristocratic. Searching for a comfortable home base, he should benefit from a lucky star because he is not the type to sacrifice himself for a task. Credit his bank accounts and he won't deceive you.

Just like the Goat-Lion, the Goat-Scorpio is one of the best combinations for a Goat. This time it's the underground strength of the Scorpio which makes more dynamic and strengthens our fragile Goat against the wounds of life. Do not let this native down, he will shatter you.

Here is a tonic type of Goat. This native should by his idealistic nature launch himself in several adventures. Do not stop him because it would be harmful for him to be limited in his freedom of movement. Give him once in a while good advice to focus himself on his goals.

A mountain goat. The resistance of this Goat is impressive. It's a concentrate of patience and perseverance. The polarity of this alliance is very feminine. This native has also a wonderfully rich imagination and might be inclined to write sumptuous poetry.

This combination is off to be exuberant and full of eccentricity. The uniqueness of Aquarius meets that of the Goat. We are dealing with a type of Goat free from all sorts of complexes. This native should bloom in artistic fields or in the humanitarian spheres.

The Goat is impressionable, a dreamer and artist. That's how Pisces are. It would be better that this native goes hunting as soon as possible for a strong shoulder to rely on. For this subject, Art behind all its shapes should constitute a field of predilection for his exacerbated sensibility.
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Metal and Fire unite to give to the Monkey-Aries an iron will and nerves of steel. Leading a thousand projects at the same time, this native takes advantage of the lucidity and the foresight of the Monkey. His motto could be that the end justifies the means so be aware of his volubility which is dreadful.

Metal this time meets Earth: a gold mine. Taurus stabilizes the nervous Monkey and the latter raises the spirit of the Taurus often demoralized. This native should be satisfied in finance however he is a big spender especially women. Perhaps this subject is slower than other persons born in the Monkey's year.

This is an explosive combination. Monkeys and Gemini are so much alike that this native would need other aspects of his birth chart so that he could come back to earth. It's difficult to predict which direction he would follow because he could choose them all at the same time. He would be advised to choose a partner that will be able to channel him.

A watercourse loaded with gold nuggets. Cancer brings back the Monkey home and endows this native with a more routine mind. This influence is positive for the eccentric and unpredictable Monkey, this native has also a rich imagination and a huge creativity.

Fire and Metal produce molten rock. A genuine human dynamo, this native has an unusual energy which forces one to have admiration. From very early on, this subject will chose the conquest of power as a mission to accomplish and will not abandon his aims.

Metal and Mineral create a combination of a rare strength. This native should have strict manners but possesses a genuine kindness. Virgo gives its capacity of concentrating and analysing in depth. This subject should have an abundance of gifts thanks to the brilliant creativity of the Monkey and the depth of Virgo.

Charm for sale. For this native, speaking is like breathing. He has been programmed to entertain the audience by giving wise speeches just as passionate and eloquent. His ability to find compromises in the worst moments allows him to pull through without damage.

A Scorpio which is half Monkey could agitate its mortal sting just as the monkey does with its tail. This native is not easy to live with, his sense of psychology should be truly amazing because both the Monkey and Scorpio have the faculty to read or to guess the feelings and the thoughts of others.

The idealism of Sagittarius and the practicality of the Monkey should give excellent results. This native likes to be on top of the charts and to attract everyone's attention. A career in the show business would suit him just fine. This person may find difficult to commit with a love partner.

Once again Metal meets Earth. Capricorns are often known to be so rigid that an ape like eccentric injection could not harm them. A fearful leader with light in his eyes. A great ability to work, a lot of wisdom and self control.

The anti conventionality of Aquarius adds itself to the eccentricity of the Monkey, it produces a combination rich in colours. This native is a genuine Halley's comet, he doesn't like to take care of the daily chores. The combination of the intellectual force of Aquarius and the practical intelligence of the Monkey should be filled with promises.

Pisces win in strength and in independence as they are born in the year of the Monkey. Art and creativity belong to Pisces. In addition to the agility of the mind of the Monkey and its capacity to find solutions easily it will allow to optimize this native's sensibility.
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Action for action. Roosters and Aries are both hyperactive, individualist and impulsive. The sentimental life of this native might be agitated. He's very friendly and retains a moving ingeniousness. You will never be bored if you hang out with him.

This native is so industrious that he might not be able to bear for long inefficiency around him. He has an amazing capacity to complete tedious tasks. Maybe an excess of enthusiasm is to fear as well as a tendency to boss around his surrounding while giving it a thousand attentions.

Air oxides Metal. A very complex and instable personality is unavoidable. Gemini predict an uncertain future for the Rooster. The interpretation of another character is a valve of security for this native's fragile psyche. He finds difficult to define what is good or bad for him.

Water rusts Metal. This Rooster is not the type to get out of the henhouse. It might seem rather lazy. Only tons of encouragements and affection from those who love him might be able to stimulate his idle nature. With time, he will be able to accomplish great things.

The leader of the henhouse. This native likes to strut about, to dress in an ostentatious way in order to impress. He likes to act bravely for only one purpose so that the world revolves around him. He is definitely appreciated in society where he shines. He should however try to calm down because he might meet one day the big bad wolf.

This native should beat the world record of meticulousness. The Rooster just like Virgo has the ability to accomplish off putting tasks with concentration and rigour. This pair should excel in this field. They are thriftier than the other Roosters and have a keen sense of devotion.

Libras are excellent diplomats. Roosters cannot hold their tongues. This person will have to wonder constantly if he should not have thought twice before speaking. However this native is greatly appreciated in society thanks to his elegance and natural charisma.

This native has difficulties expressing his feelings and his impulsive sexuality. He's always on the defensive contrary to other persons born in the Rooster's year maybe because he feels and fears his ostentatious nature. However his feelings are honest and constant.

The taste of adventure, of freedom and the unexpected attract irresistibly this native which could give free reign to his craziest desires. Sagittarius forces the locks of the Rooster's personality and frees the imagination of this gallinacean. Celibacy would suit him perfectly because he enjoys the carefree life.

This native is less pedantic and aggressive than other Roosters. He's very much appreciated by society because he inspires trust and honesty. He can be easy prey because his sense of psychology is very faint. He usually invests in wrong people and has to face chaotic situations.

Friendship means a lot to this native always willing to help a friend or to hang out with some co-workers after work. They need to have solid landmarks within a community. His values are constructive and interdependant. Women of this type are very much praised in love because of their softness and natural tolerance.

This native should turn himself towards an artistic career rather than an administrative one, which often attracts Roosters. A type of chronic sluggishness stirs him to feel sorry for himself and not to take charge of his responsibilities. Evil always comes from the outside.
The Holy Grail & the Soulmate Quest !?


This native finds in fighting his genuine vocation. Whether the fight engages in human rights or for the favours of a beloved one, he shows all his values. The problem is that this subject can charge before having elaborated a strategy of war. He has a sense of duty like nobody else.

The hesitant Dog benefits of the bringing in of the determination of Taurus. It's a solid combination of signs. Taurus is sensual and love to have fun. Dogs take advantage of this warm influence. The exterior of the tensed Dog will heat a little. Very dependent on the emotional side.

The mercury influence of Gemini is not solely rest for the worried Dog by nature. Numerous doubts and fears will invade this native's life, he would need to learn to discipline himself to be able to overcome his chronic moods and his tendency to scattering. However his personality is attractive and he has genuine intentions.

A pure gold soul. This native has the sense of duty and of sacrifice. He wants to believe that the world is good but his instinct tells him to watch out for the enemy. Without encouragement, he could stay a long time in the posture of an observer trying hard to form the boundaries of his security area.

The leader of the pack of hounds. Although his desire to shine is great, this native will be more modest and reserved than other Leos. He will need less exterior motivation to act. His heart is filled with the best feelings in the world.

Just like the Dog/Cancer, this native has a pure soul and concerns for the well being of others. The city life is too agitated for his anxious nature. He certainly would prefer a peaceful life in the country far from all the problems of the busy modern world.

This native should be more sociable than other persons born in the Dog's year. Libra softens the defensive nature of the Dog. One should fear that this subject axes his existence on others because Libra just as the Dog has in common the dependence towards others.

This Dog is the type to bite before barking. This native has a very developed warrior instinct. His sense of protection will make him crush into pieces those who will dare to attack those he loves. He should learn to be less cynical and caustic in his relationships.

This Dog is a knight with a noble heart. A genuine geyser of idealism, he lacks a great dosage of diplomacy. He is considered as the champion of the human salvation and definitely does humanity needs this rare and precious species.

This native is by nature ascetic. The material comfort does not apply to his preoccupations. He's a loyal person who inspires trust and spends his energy for causes in which he believes in, in spite of the sacrifices to make.

This native will definitely be passionate very early on for philosophical readings in which he will find solutions to reform the society in which he evolves. Aquarius as the Dogs are attracted by social actions. This marriage is positive.

The alliance of two hypersensitives is certainly promising artistically. A supportive partner should allow him to find the courage to overcome his inside doubts. Leave him the time to gain the confidence he needs to show you the best part of himself.
...because Love is a subtle Chemistry...


The strength of the boar. The energy flowing out from Aries brings a good dosage of confidence and dynamism to the Pig which is usually faded. This native will certainly be the executive of a company because the Pig and Aries have a good sense of business. He should however surround himself with people who are more clever than himself because he lacks tricks.

Doesn't the alliance of the Pig and Taurus give birth to a creature a little puffy? This native has a strong appetite for the pleasures of life and should watch his diet. Art in all its shapes enchants him. Thanks to an inborn perseverance this person will be able to reach his goals.

The Air of Gemini wrinkles the calm Water of the Pig. The good mood of Gemini cheers and makes less traumatic the interior life of the Pig. It's a positive alliance because Gemini bring also to the latter eloquence and subtlety. This native could be tempted to go on stage and could become famous.

Do not rely on the Water that seems to be quiet. Instinctively this native fears to be vulnerable, he may defends himself before being attacked. This person is totally family-oriented and enjoys most of all the company of children. He needs tons of encouragements to gain the confidence to launch into action.

The Pig that is born under the sign of Leo can say that he is lucky. Leo confers to the Pig an invincible aura which is reassuring for the latter. His talents will be quickly acknowledged and he will meet less obstacles on his road than other natives. He should watch his diet because Leo likes to be at his best in society.

A Saint on earth. These two signs look a lot like each other in many aspects especially in what concerns the purity of the heart, the naiveness and the preciseness at work. It would be better that more dreadful astral configurations counterbalance this concentrate of virtues.

The Pigs are eminently peaceful. Libras prefer diplomacy to aggressiveness. Doesn't this alliance lack a little punch? Indecisiveness is also chronic. This native should practice boxing to strengthen his character because unfortunately not everything can be solved by softness in life.

The Pigs need Scorpio's confused contribution. This native is more at ease with intrigue and tricks than anyone of his fellow creatures. It's beneficial for the Pig. His weak point is his taste for luxury which could reveal itself destructive in the long run.

Once again the strength of Fire is beneficial to give energy to the Pig but this time the addition of the Sagittarius's idealism makes one to fear that his energy might be used by people who will know how to vibrate the heartstrings of his sensuality.

The desire to do well of the Pig is assisted by the hardness to work of Capricorn. He's the most discreet of the Pig natives, always on the defensive, feeling tracked down by the big bad wolf, knowing that he has the reputation to be credulous. With time, he will gain the confidence he needs to overcome his inside fears.

The unbridled fantasy of Aquarius frightens the Pig's morality. This native will have a lot of difficulty to conciliate his double personality because the Pig is animated by his sensitivity while Aquarius is rather centred on the mental. He will have to carry out a personal work on himself during the first part of his life.

This combination ends the cycle of the 144 double signs and it is not an easy one. This native should deploy tons of energy to accomplish what is necessary to his subsistence. However a lucky star shines on his destiny and will protect him from many bad influences. He needs a lot of love.

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