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Why Astrology for Dating?

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Cosmic Sun The AstralFeeling online dating service can help you to find your soulmate thanks to one of the most powerful matchmaking technologies. We are confident at AstralFeeling that everyone can find the perfect match because the Double Astrology is able to decipher phenomena of attractions/repulsions which operate in life. So if you are ready to meet your special one, you have come to the right place!

Actually, why on certain occasions do we feel an irresistible attraction for certain people whereas on others we can feel in spite of ourselves disinterest towards others? It should mean that there is a supra-sensible dimension which influences our psychic/affective experiences and determines our unconscious sphere and it is precisely here, that astrology can intervene to bring a relevant enlightenment.

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We use in the unique astrology dating system of AstralFeeling a series of 5 parameters which are the following:

The Chinese sign - according to the year of birth - works in harmony with the Jupiter planet which synthesizes the different components of the personality and filters the influences of all the other planets.

The solar sign -according to the month- expresses the instinctive will and the social personality.

The lunar sign -according to the day- expresses the sensitivity and the imaginary.

The positions of  Mars & Venus in the signs which enable us to define the erotic personality, and everyone is aware that it constitutes one of the keystones of the agreement in love.

Thanks to all these astrological criteria we can discover the various components of a personality which often escape from the conscience so as to enable us to have a more selective approach in our social life.

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This site offers different options to customize the compatibility search to get closer to what we need. You can set your Ideal Partner Criteria and use two modes to select the astral combinations that will match with your own profile:
Automatic & Customized

The Automatic mode will provide you with two astrological tools to carry out your compatibility search:

  • The relationship system SIX DEGREE ENERGY ® (S.D.E) is based on the Yin-Yang interaction of the Chinese Zodiac Triangles of Affinity. This system uses six types of relationships which enable you to apprehend in a concrete way the links between the Chinese signs. The Chinese & the Solar signs of your birth chart are taken into account in the process of compatibility search.

  • The LUNAR/SOLAR ATTRACTION ® (L.S.A) western zodiac sign matching tool, uses in the process of compatibility search, the Solar & Lunar signs of your birth chart. This function is useful to increase the astral compatibility level of the selected profiles.

    Cosmic Moon The Customized mode enables you to carry out a more targeted selection by choosing freely the Chinese/Solar/Lunar signs of
    your ideal partner's zodiac profile. We recommend to you if you choose this mode to check carefully the Library included in this site, you will be able to choose your ideal match partner zodiac profile composed of one to three signs: Chinese Sign - Solar Sign - Lunar Sign.

    Then good luck and remember that

    My Best Wishes
    Stefen Fu - AstralFeeling Founder

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