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  Depending on the yin or yang nature of the various signs, the expression of the personality will vary. In this way the Rat, the Tiger, the Dragon, the Horse, the Monkey, the Dog are yang signs and correspond more to a masculine polarity. In the same way the Ox, the Rabbit, the Snake, the Goat, the Rooster and the Pig are yin signs and correspond more to a feminine polarity.

But the interest of the double zodiac is to have a dynamic vision of astrology, in that way a person Pig/Leo will have a more masculine personality than a Pig/Cancer because this Yin/Yang polarity applies itself as well to the Western zodiac. Try to always keep in mind this dynamic vision of astrology where nothing is absolute because integrated in a living dimension.

Why Astrology for Dating?

Female Rat
Half femme fatale, half business woman, she energizes herself without rest to fill these two roles to perfection. She looks for lasting relationships and likes the marital state, tensions and fights do not discourage her. Female Rat is also very far-sighted and knows how to deal with relationships by giving little gifts. Her sensuality is glowing but moderate by her pragmatism in the love field.

Male Rat
He has perfect manners and gives a good image of himself in society, he is also a very sexually imaginative lover who can provide night after night of passionate love. He has a sentimental streak especially when it comes to his family. However, he feels himself persecuted and victim of a notorious misunderstanding.

Female Ox
The majority of Cows prefer to stay at home and to rule in the backstage rather than to run around the world. She is not the type to cry on your shoulder, her pragmatic streak interferes with her sentimentality and at times she can be perceived as frigid but when she does fall in love, she can be quite frisky in her love-play.

Male Ox
The male Ox is very disciplined and dutiful, but not particularly bright and quite timid when it comes to physical love. He can be gentle, loving and supportive to those he considers as necessary to his well-being but he may seem very strict at first sight. A bit of carefreeness and eccentricity would mellow his austere nature.

Female Tiger
She has got an allure to cut your breath, she is captivating, funny and sexy. She is also filled with an unsociable independence and the relationships based on possessiveness make her escape for sure. The Tigress makes men camp in front of her door so much her charm is powerful but only one of the most patient men can hope to capture.

Male Tiger
The Tiger man is fantastically interesting, attractive and exciting. Often power and money come to him naturally. He's most of the time hunting when he's not busy conquering the world. Leave him his vital space and he will be grateful towards you by giving lots of protection and love. He likes women who look fragile but hides in reality a strong temper.
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Female Rabbit
She is the refined and delicate type, but this fragile appearance hides in reality an independent and determined personality. The material security as well as the emotional is necessary for her, solitude does not scare her because she needs a lot of time to prepare herself to confront the world. She is a soft and caring woman.

Male Rabbit
Always dressed like a pope, full of attention for his surrounding and of a foolproof erudition, he gives an excellent impression in society although the type to be discreet. Attracted by Arts, he also is an advised businessman to whom luck smiles at, surprising many with his silent style and his undetectable strategies. He is loyal and constant in love.

Female Dragon
Very sought after for her vitality and her sex-appeal, her personality is mostly contradictory and complex. It’s a true headache for that person who will try to understand her, the best still being to conquer her by taking her with you to escalade Mount Everest. She respects and looks for men who have the taste for challenge and a lot of personal ambitions.

Male Dragon
What motivates the life of a Dragon is difficulty, he needs to prove to himself that he is capable to surpass himself and that his destiny is not like those of the ordinary mortals. In love like in business he wants to dominate, he will never accept the supremacy of a woman for anything else than the education of his children. If you know how to preserve his interest alive, he will cover you with diamonds.

Female Snake
She likes luxury, social events and relationships that develop progressively. Seduction is her speciality, she possesses a strong hypnotic shape that will slowly but surly magnetize you. Do not betray her because she does not like to lose and is revengeful. Her reptilian sensuality will reward you from all the troubles that you have had to go through to seduce her.

Male Snake
The elegance carefully studied is what personifies him the most, he is a stable man full of understanding who likes to take care of others. Make him share the least of your thoughts and do not betray him because his bite might be fatal to you. If he is disappointed he will disappear without you knowing how or why.
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Female Horse
Elegant and full of energy this woman often drives the attention around her. She is an exciting but difficult partner as she is completely at the mercy of her powerful feelings. Confronted to passion she can lose control of the situation. She needs freedom and a constant support. Pragmatic, ambitious and voluntary she gives importance to the word career.

Male Horse
The man Horse is well-known for his sexual appetite and power, he's very sensual and in a hurry to consummate the relationship. But pragmatic and workaholic, he does not feel really comfortable in the sentimental field and can resist to the bewitchment of love almost as much as he needs it. He should learn to deal with his egocentric streak.

Female Goat
The softness which comes from the Goat is enchanting , the good taste with which she dresses herself and decorates her house are as many qualities that add to her range of the ideal husband hunter. She gives importance to the sentimental and the financial security and the artistic fields where she is sensational thanks to her spontaneous creativity. Handle with care her fragile heart.

Male Goat
Immensely generous and little attracted by practical things, the Goat man is the type to finish months in the red. Fortunately luck favours him financially. His feelings are always sincere, he cannot conceive falseness or betrayal. He would be inspired to link himself to reliable and good intentioned persons.

Female Monkey
Her childish aura, the flexibility of her movements are unstoppable tools of her charm. She needs to seduce more than to go thru the act, her universe being above all cerebral. When sufficiently entertained she is one of the most charming persons. If you think to be able to share the life of a battery then she is what you need.

Male Monkey
If you need a source of eternal youth then find yourself a Monkey man, he will soon be your favorite anti depressor but be careful he might be cunning and unfaithful and often hides his true intentions. Nevertheless, he's an inventive and imaginative lover as much in conversation as in love-play.
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Female Rooster
At the same time woman of the world and interior woman, Female Hen hurries herself up in every field. She is sometimes irritable and difficult to live with because she cannot bear the lack of efficiency. She is devoted to her love partner but in times of crisis when things don’t suit her plans, she can be very unsympathetic. She also considers sexuality as an Art and she prides herself on her skills in this field.

Male Rooster
The Rooster man is conservative and strict in love relationships, he will refuse illicit affairs. He desires strongly to be a good father and a good husband. The desire to seduce and to attract the attention on himself is part of his dynamic psychology and may cause him important disappointments. He swings also between stinginess and waste.

Female Dog
Loyal in love and devoted to her relatives, she is a sexy woman, sportive and sane. She lacks confidence and requires constant reassurances from her partner. She needs time to feel ready to trust someone and could stay for a while in a posture of hesitation. A strong exterior stimulation is required to push her to get into the action. Give her time to reveal to you her hidden treasures.

Male Dog
The Dog man is persuaded to be the world guardian, always on the defensive and on the watch, he can seem unfriendly at first sight. He needs time to get confidence in himself and in people who surround him. He gives a lot of importance to the word loyalty and needs to dedicate himself to a mission that will give a sense to his life.

Female Pig
Everything but aggressive, this woman needs two things, emotional stability and non stop encouragements. She knows how to keep a house spick and span and to prepare wonderful dishes. If you need a woman who is unable to betray then take her and teach her the strings of life.

Male Pig
The Pig man gives always his best to those he loves. Intelligent, educated, diplomat and lucky in business, it is not rare that he succeeds brilliantly in the professional field. An excess of kindness will make him trust people that do not always have good intentions. He must abstain himself to lend money to his friends if he wants to keep them. He is also a funny and sensual man.

Why Astrology for Dating?
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